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Become a free global citizen

Becoming a citizen of the world and transferring your residence to a low tax jurisdiction is one of the few remaining ways to legally minimize taxes. Selecting a residence in a low tax country is the logical choice to protect personal and family wealth.


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Having an overseas residence permit is a great way to decentralize your business, pay fewer taxes and secure a second citizenship. It corresponds with creating a safe luxury shelter if things go wrong in your home country.

The choice of your new country of residence will be based on many factors, such as type of income and business, lifestyle, mobility, family composition, available assets, etc.

A residence permit in countries such as Monaco or Dubai will give you the incredible privilege of 0% taxation. For other countries such as Switzerland or the United Kingdom, there is the possibility of obtaining a very low special taxation, which also exempts foreign income and dividends.

With the right procedure, it is not difficult to obtain a new overseas residence permit or a golden visa. If your first goal is to move away from your country, a residence permit is the first step to obtain a second passport. With a potentially free second citizenship permit, you will be able to travel wherever you want and break any bond with your government.

CENTURION CAPITAL assists you in analysing, evaluating, and executing a residence permit transfer to a low tax jurisdiction and securing a second citizenship and passport. As your private advisors, we can support you during this life change and help you in all the subsequent phases. We’ll follow you in the necessary steps to the new chosen location, including residence permit procedures, driving license, car registration, yacht flag, bank account, passport change, etc.

Juggling bureaucracy and paperwork does not have to mean facing a stormy sea if you have us by your side. With our streamlined processes, you can avoid spending long days coordinating lawyers in Singapore, accountants in Panama and citizenship experts in Malta. Our role as an intermediary is to establish a clear line of communication between institutions and suppliers.

Thanks to our high-level government knowledge, we are able to apply for a diplomatic passport for UHNWI and successful businessmen who aspire to the top of prestige, privilege and mobility. A diplomatic passport and an Honorary Consul title unlock a world of privileges and opportunities. Diplomatic passports are available only for very selected individuals. They are issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Honorary Consul and grant exclusive privileges and social prestige among the country’s elite.

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