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CENTURION CAPITAL is an international consulting firm created for entrepreneurs, investors, and aspiring global citizens who want to set the trends that govern the business world.We are continually researching and testing the best places around the world to apply offshore strategies and to find the best current legal strategies and the best knowledge in the global market.

We stand apart from other law firms that only provide theoretical knowledge without evaluating the contingent situation of your business and directing you in a practical way. Our mindset is different since we think like entrepreneurs, and we are entrepreneurs. We have many years of experience that we have gained through travel and meetings with top lawyers, consultants, auditors, private bankers and government officers. 

We are Solutions Providers since we offer solutions not just products. With a top-level service designed for those who expect only the best, you can allow your business to reveal its full potential.

CENTURION CAPITAL is a boutique consulting firm with headquarters in London, in the capital of finance and offshore business, and offices in Dubai, Monaco, Geneva, Singapore, Panama. Thanks to our high-level global network, we offer both local and global services linked with the best and most reliable professionals worldwide. For our top-level customers, we also interface with the big four consulting companies (Deloitte, KPMG, Ernst & Young, PWC).

CENTURION CAPITAL is not made up of a team of theorists. We are practitioners who are closely connected to real life practice and not to theory. If you have ever talked to lawyers, accountants and other professionals, you will have realized that they can only partially solve your problems. Their area of competence is not in the entrepreneurial experience. They have strictly specialized skills, and they do not understand the problems, bureaucracy and difficulties that an entrepreneur faces every day.

Our goal is to assist you in every aspect of your business. We do not limit our expertise to tax planning. We create a global identity as a snapshot in which we perfectly portray your company and private life. We create your bespoke B-Plan.

The CENTURION CAPITAL team is comprised of entrepreneurs and lawyers that are skilled at thinking and acting like global entrepreneurs. After years of refining our knowledge based on real personal experience, far from theoretical, we know what works in the real world of the business. Only the support of practical experience will allow you to obtain maximum results in the shortest possible time while saving money. Using our deep local market expertise and our unique approach, we design tailor-made solutions and execute them on behalf of our clients, ensuring a smooth and worry-free experience.


CENTURION CAPITAL is invested with 360-degree entrepreneurial skills:


Our strategies are always compliant and 100% legal. Our team of top international lawyers and consultants always finds the best, most appropriate bespoke solutions for our clients.


Global expertise with local knowledge, a cosmopolitan-minded company with roots around the world. We work with top global law and accountancy firms, financial institutions, governments and family offices.

Decision Makers

We have exclusive access to a powerful network of decision-makers in the business sector and the political arena. We have strong connections and influence with the international establishment.


We know that a successful relationship can only work with a tailor-made personal approach, reliability, trust, responsiveness, with a view to building long-term relationships.


We support our clients to achieve their goals. Our very first priority is meeting the needs and satisfaction of our clients. Each of us takes pride in delivering first-class results.


We’re ambitious and proactive, thinking and acting quickly. We anticipate changes so as to stay ahead.

Business Oriented

Our CEO is a lawyer and an entrepreneur who knows the issues that entrepreneurs face every day. We are not white-shirted lawyers who have never worked in a company.

International Fiscal Association
CENTURION CAPITAL is a proud member of THE INTERNATIONAL FISCAL ASSOCIATION, the leading world organization dealing with fiscal matters.