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The best way to increase freedom, privacy and wealth

A spy-like lifestyle. Like secret agent 007. A Different day, a different country. Exotic passports, numbered bank accounts and gold bars in Switzerland. Secret corporate documents and tax havens. Tropical islands and encrypted communication. Super yachts flying the flag of the Caymans. Helicopters and private jets.

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Becoming James Bond and sip Martinis in Monaco, drive an Aston Martin with Swiss plates, and travel with a bag full of passports, dozens of credit cards, wads of cash and pay 0,00% tax.

This is the Flags Theory. Not limited by the borders and rules of any country, the Flags Theory is for Cosmopolitan Citizens who strategically plant flags around the world to increase freedom, privacy and wealth.

The ‘Flags Theory‘ was coined in 1964 by the American investment advisor Harry Donald Schultz -the world’s highest paid financial consultant, according to Guinness Book of World Records- in his book How to Keep Your Money and Your Freedom, wherein each flag represents one of the legal jurisdictions under which the permanent traveller operates as a method to reduce taxes and increase personal freedom.

According to this theory, to minimize government interference and to act with maximum privacy and freedom, it is advisable to locate in separate countries:

  1. Citizenship and Passport – in a country that does not tax money that you earn abroad and which does not control your actions, having a passport that allows you to travel freely to the main countries of the world without applying for a Visa.
  2. Legal residence – in a tax haven or low tax jurisdiction where you can legally minimize your obligations to the government.
  3. Business base – where you can earn with low corporate tax rates, increase net profits, and grow your business faster.
  4. Asset haven – where you can keep your money with low taxation of passive income and capital gains; best in several stable jurisdictions around the world so as to diversify risks.
  5. Playgrounds – where you spend your own money, ideally somewhere with low consumption taxes and in a pleasant, safe city, having world class public services, healthcare, and an incredible lifestyle.

In 1995, top American investment adviser Bob Beckman said about his residence permit in Monaco: ‘A long time ago, I was told that the most efficient way for an individual to handle his affairs was to work one place, keep his money in a second place and live in a third place. I live in Monaco. I don’t work here, my money is placed elsewhere, but managed from here.’

In those years, the Five Flag Theory was a method that was only possible for the super-wealthy. Today, thanks to globalization, increased global mobility, digital technology and greater accessibility for everybody to information, anyone can internationalize his business in order to benefit from more opportunities, wealth, freedom and privacy.

The Five Flag Theory aims at the best strategic solution to internationally structure your life. By setting up your business and your finances in countries that are ready to support you, you can guarantee yourself a prosperous future free from the many tax constraints which are imposed in your country.

Since every company, entrepreneur, interest and need differs from the other, it is essential to think about customized solutions. So, it’s time to change your mindset and improve your situation. Thus you can contact CENTURION CAPITAL today for a specialized bespoke consultation and to study the best tailor-made solution for you. We will guide you towards a targeted strategy from which you will finally derive the profits you deserve, always focusing on your priorities and objectives first.

Globalization has opened the door to new opportunities, so it’s time for you to be audacious, think globally and follow the golden rules of the Five Flag Theory.

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