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How many entrepreneurs could grow faster if they chose to move abroad? Starting a business in countries where competition is lower is the first step towards the success of your business. Countries like Paraguay and Georgia are true havens of well-being for entrepreneurs who are given special treatment, incentives, non-repayable contributions and low taxes. It is vain to continue fighting to achieve mediocre results in countries like old Europe when you can easily increase development, achieve a greater market share and have cheaper fixed costs and lower labour costs in another country that favours and encourages private initiative.


Live availability of accurate and actionable information is indispensable in today’s fast-moving and interconnected global markets. Thanks to our global rich stream of data and connections, we support our clients’ investment decisions by introducing them to the best international investing programs, offering access to rare and hard to find high-quality deals and business opportunities, and helping them gain admittance to the best private equity funds, hedge funds, stocks, precious metals and direct investments into growth start-ups companies.


CENTURION CAPITAL is a part of the top financial community and we work closely with many institutional investors, investment bankers and venture capitalists. Hence our background and skills allow us to work closely with financial and industrial investors who are highly strategic when raising equity capital for our clients. Also, thanks to our high-level international networks in the best investment banks, we can list your company on the stock exchange, issue corporate bonds and find private investors and venture capitalists for your business.


CENTURION CAPITAL advises in the creation and management of international investment funds, hedge funds, real estate funds and alternative investment funds (art, classic cars, wines, luxury watches, etc.), and we have expertise across key asset classes such as private equity, debt, infrastructure, venture capital and finance transactions. Thanks to our connections, we are skilled at creating funds in the most authoritative countries in the world, such as Luxembourg, Cayman, British Virgin Islands, Malta, Liechtenstein, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Singapore.


We develop a strategy for your international real estate portfolio by using our large global network of contacts. We boast a comprehensive technical and practical expertise of real estate acquisition and financing, and we’re familiar with all types of real estate assets, including commercial, logistics, shopping centers, industrial business parks, residential, luxury properties and hotels. CENTURION CAPITAL identifies and evaluates the best international real estate investments in emerging countries, which allows a high return on investment or rent as Montenegro, Estonia, Colombia, Georgia, Vietnam, Paraguay, or in the best luxury living destinations like Dubai, Monaco, Switzerland, and Miami.

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