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Move your assets to a safe place

The first important step towards your offshore strategy is to keep a portion of your assets in an offshore bank account. If you think you can protect your money by keeping it in only one country, you underestimate the risk of any bureaucrat who is able to freeze or seize it with just the push of a button. So, while banks in some countries offer you very low or negative interest rates, many overseas banks offer very high interest rates, until +10% on standard bank accounts.

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Today with the stringent banking regulations, compliance and anti-money laundering laws, it is increasingly difficult to move capital, withdraw and deposit cash and justify bank movements. Very often companies find their bank accounts frozen for months or closed by the bank unilaterally. For new companies or start-ups, it is becoming almost impossible to open a new corporate account in a prestigious bank.

Since banking is a fundamental part of any corporate or personal internationalization strategy, we have created strong connections with a vast network of prestigious international banks and financial institutions. The private banks and payment service providers we cooperate with can give you access to the best banking services and guarantee you secure financial coverage that suits your needs. Also, by having money in another country and diversifying currencies into CHF/GBP/USD/EUR, you can significantly reduce the risks of devaluation and capital losses.

With your new private or business account, whether it’s in an offshore or onshore bank, you can operate worldwide with your global e-banking, you can deposit or withdraw cash in any amount, you can request debit cards to withdraw cash worldwide, and you can even have anonymous credit cards or gold, platinum and black credit cards for high spending levels. Thanks to our connections with the most prestigious international Private Banks, we are able to help you obtain the most prestigious credit cards in the world, such as the American Express Centurion, JP Morgan Reserve, Visa Infinite, Mastercard Black.

To sleep soundly, a trust, an investment fund or a private foundation is the best solution for the protection of your assets and real estate investments. In fact, they can protect your privacy and avoid or mitigate the effects of taxation, lawsuits, divorce, estate taxes, inheritance tax, creditors and bankruptcy on the beneficiary. Trusts are frequently integrated into international asset protection and estate planning for a variety of reasons. The main one is that when you transfer an asset to a trust, you create a condition that it is no longer yours. It means that future creditors, plaintiffs, even government agencies can no longer take it from you. 

A super safe-deposit vault of a reputable offshore bank is the right solution to protect your valuables, jewellery, cash and your gold bars from any attack and make them safe and unassailable. There are also anonymous safe-deposit boxes in private safety vaults, separate from the official banking circuit, to protect your anonymity and privacy.

If you need to store art, collectibles and vintage cars, we have extremely safe storage space in the best world freeports like Geneva, Luxembourg or Singapore, where trade can be conducted untaxed and ownership be concealed. And for any safe international transactions, we can organize escrow service, arrange a storage facility in a freeport, supervise the terms of an agreement, and release the payment and transfer ownership.

Banks are very resistant to accepting new crypto-centric clients as digital investors or start-uppers. Thanks to our connections with multiple banks that provide corporate banking solutions to cryptocurrency companies, we can facilitate the opening of an offshore bank account ICO-friendly in the best jurisdiction for deposit, trade and exchange of cryptocurrency.

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