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Reduce your tax, costs and bureaucracy

CENTURION CAPITAL offers the best strategies and corporate structure to globalize your business, improve your tax savings and protect your corporate assets. Whatever level of overseas activity you pursue, we can create a tailor-made corporate structure and an international tax planning and compliance program.

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A corporate haven is a jurisdiction that corporations find attractive for establishing their company headquarters or various branches, mostly due to favourable tax or regulatory regimes, reduced bureaucracy or favourable privacy laws.

In order to increase the profitability of your company or for globalizing your business, it is worthwhile to consider the opportunity offered by relocating your headquarters to a foreign country, opening a branch abroad or transferring your production plant. 

The transfer of your company can be an opportunity to reinvent your business model and expand it abroad. It can be helpful in lowering taxation, eliminating bureaucracy or reducing costs, as well as making it possible to produce goods in a country where there are fiscal incentives for new companies or where the hourly cost of labour is much lower compared to the country where you are established now.

With globalization, the way of doing business has changed. Companies have expanded around the world, generating significant economic changes through the relocation of resources and capital. With the support of information technology and smart-working, the business has been digitized, cutting downtime and distance and allowing the development of many functions and processes remotely in every region of the world.

Unfortunately, many countries have not been able to adapt regulations and taxation to the new globalized markets, which are capable of really favouring entrepreneurs. So businesses are highly penalized by hard tax regimes. In order to emerge and generate capital in a highly competitive world, a company must organize its business so that it can obtain the benefits of some jurisdictions and minimize the disadvantages associated with other jurisdictions. For many companies, this means restructuring production processes, supply chains and every operation that determines their activity, but above all, it corresponds to moving the headquarters abroad.

Corporate migration is as profitable as it is complex. It is necessary to carefully evaluate where it is better to locate the new headquarters and how this new jurisdiction can evolve over time and in the global economic scene. In recent decades countries that are particularly ‘attractive’ for multinationals in terms of migration include Switzerland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Ireland, Luxembourg, Estonia, Dubai, Singapore, and the USA.

Relocation also means protecting assets, capital, structures, trademarks, patents, and real estate. It is essential to protect corporate assets by using the strategies of large multinationals, such as the Holding Company and Trust. It is a solution for protecting your assets around the world, generating substantial tax saving and achieving more privacy and protection.

At CENTURION CAPITAL, we are not only competent in company relocation but also in company internationalization and business globalization. We own a winning strategy for expanding your business abroad and entering a new market. First of all, you need the right corporate structure to ensure you have the skills to compete in fast-moving global markets. The choice of entering a new market outside your homeland is a bold one, and it can be a winning strategy if it is well structured.


Business internationalization is your solution to building a real business where tax expenses are reduced to a minimum or even zero.

By becoming a global entrepreneur, you can consciously choose the ideal place for your business, independent of your geographical location. If your country doesn’t offer what you are looking for, you can direct your attention elsewhere and relocate your business there.

Around the world, there are still few countries that offer 0% corporate tax rates, but it may be risky and difficult to operate from these countries in view of the new OECD regulations. Today’s trend is to settle in countries with low taxes and high reputation and credibility. These are the countries where you can enjoy many benefits in a completely legal way, just as big companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon do. 

So with a bespoke well-studied legal offshore tax planning, you can legally and easily move your entire business abroad, obtaining savings in costs and a sharp reduction in taxation. This is the solution chosen by many multinationals, consultants, traders, and e-commerce companies to cut their taxes bill and see their business grow in complete legality.

Deep knowledge of globalization and foreign tax systems allows us to prepare opinions and feasibility studies to optimize the tax burden of corporations and individuals who have interests in multiple jurisdictions. We are experts in all the main offshore legislation, even the most secret and least known in the world such as Labuan, Samoa or the Cook Islands and we have been among the first to develop new never beaten countries like Paraguay or North Macedonia.

It’s time to reduce your tax bill by moving your business overseas. In this way, you will reduce bureaucracy, increase your serenity and rapidly grow your business.

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