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CENTURION CAPITAL is an international consulting firm that offers innovative bespoke strategies to successful entrepreneurs, corporations, HNWI and investors. We advise business globalization, legal offshore tax planning, overseas residence permits, second passports, offshore banking, investment abroad and global entrepreneurship.

Are your strategies legal?

Yes, we work only in total legality to allow your business to grow in full compliance with the law. Therefore, we can even help you achieve compliance if your current strategy does not comply with the law of the country in which you operate. You will not be able to receive our help if you intend to stay out of compliance or implement strategies that violate the laws of any country.

Who are your customers?

We work only with top-level entrepreneurs, HNWI, elite global clientele and investors who generally have a minimum annual income of US $500,000 or a net worth of at least US $1million to become our client. You must manage a business that complies with the laws, look for a legal solution in every aspect and be committed to changing your mindset and becoming a cosmopolitan citizen. Among our customers, there are also well-known entrepreneurs, Forbes Global 2000 companies, UHNWI, celebrities, aristocrats, professional sportsmen (F1 and MotoGP drivers, tennis players and footballers) and people with a net wealth of 7- to 8- or more figures. For reasons of privacy and professional secrecy, we cannot advertise or use their names.

How much does your consulting cost?

Our tailor-made service requires a detailed study of the situation. Therefore, it is impossible to predict the cost of our service without first making the necessary assessments. Do not underestimate that every fixed price service is not fitted specifically for you and can hardly be effective. Many people come to us only after having experienced it personally. Our first-class consulting includes three elements: the initial evaluation and check-up of your individual situation, the creation of a customised bespoke strategy, and finally a clear action plan, which we pursue for rapid results by providing you with ongoing support. So, you can achieve and maintain your goals in compliance with the law. Our first-class solutions start at US $10,000 and increases according to your needs. If you are a low-profile or low-cost customer, we are not matched to your needs. In such a case, we recommend you do it yourself by buying one of our guides or contacting a low-cost consulting company online. We're already full of work, and we have high-level satisfied customers who pay us well and refer us to other clients, so we don't lack for work. For this reason, we do not take on projects with small customers, in small projects or individual, occasional operations.

What is your strategy?

Our collaboration with you will begin with an accurate and broad analysis through which we will attain a comprehensive overview of all areas of your business, your investments and your current and aspiring lifestyle. CENTURION CAPITAL has developed the 'GLOBAL FREEDOM CHECK-UP' system. After performing a custom check-up by analysing your current situation (residence, passport, taxes, wealth, business), we propose a bespoke B-Plan covering all aspects of your internationalization. We find the best opportunities around the world and make them accessible to you through a detailed B-Plan. We stay in constant touch with you as we create your action plan, so you can always give us your feedback.

Can I ask you any specific questions or have an opinion?

The free material you can find on our blog or on our e-books can help you to manage your difficulties independently. The high volume of requests allows us to answer your questions only when we are directly engaged to collaborate with you. In any case, we advise you not entrust your business to those offering free and generic tax advice. Anything that is free has no value! Our service is the result of years of experience, and it aims at all those who want personalized strategies and an action plan. Since we deliver only first-class solutions, our service is neither free nor cheap, although it is cheaper for many of our clients than staying in the situation they find themselves faced with.

I just need this...

We know exactly how a targeted plan is essential to improve any specific situation or solve a problem. We have also personally seen customers who thought they could find the solution in a few answers; instead, they came back in search of a complete tailor-made consulting service. We know that the best solution to not waste time and money is to create a defined bespoke plan. Therefore, we cannot simply help you open an offshore bank account, form an overseas company or other small services, which would be useless for the purpose of achieving your goals.

Can we meet CENTURION CAPITAL staff or the CEO in one of your offices?

Our CEO and CENTURION CAPITAL team are honoured by your interest in us. First of all, we are a profit-making company that offers its service to the people who hire us. Therefore, we are unable to meet with those who are not our clients. Our CEO does not meet people looking for general information and who don't work with us. He is Personal Advisor to top level entrepreneurs, multinationals, UHNWI and celebrities, so he occupies his time only with meeting the needs of our high-level clients.

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