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Centurion Capital

We are an international consulting firm that offers innovative bespoke strategies to successful entrepreneurs, corporations, HNWI and investors to globalize their business, rethink tax planning, have a second citizenship, grow private wealth, invest abroad and become elite global citizens.

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About our CEO.

Fabrice Barra is a cosmopolitan entrepreneur, lawyer, fiduciary and author, one of the world’s leading experts on offshore strategies, corporate haven, international investments and global mindset lifestyles. 

Holding a master’s degree in law with a specialization in corporate law, an MBA in business administration, and a master’s from the prestigious London Business School, he has been studying issues of business globalization, corporate finance, tax planning, M&A, fintech, and international investing. 

Firma Fabrizio Barra

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With an innovative approach, CENTURION CAPITAL helps entrepreneurs and investors to create a tailor-made offshore plan for tax optimization, financial and residency planning, high return overseas investments and private wealth growth.

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Offshore Company

Offshore Company

CENTURION CAPITAL offers the best strategies and corporate structure to globalize your business, improve your tax savings and protect your corporate assets. Whatever level of overseas activity you pursue, we can create a tailor-made corporate...

Overseas Residence

Overseas Residence

Becoming a citizen of the world and transferring your residence to a low tax jurisdiction is one of the few remaining ways to legally minimize taxes. Selecting a residence in a low tax country is the logical choice to protect personal and family wealth.

Offshore Banking

Offshore Banking

The first important step towards your offshore strategy is to keep a portion of your assets in an offshore bank account. If you think you can protect your money by keeping it in only one country, you underestimate the risk of any bureaucrat...



Have you decided to manage your assets and boost your international portfolio? Become a Global Entrepreneur, create your personal International Asset Management and increase your private wealth.



CENTURION CAPITAL helps business owners define and implement exit strategies. An exit strategy provides the entrepreneur with the indispensable coordinates to successfully exit privately held business.

Flag Theory

Flag Theory

To increase the profitability of your company or for globalization of your business, it is interesting to evaluate the opportunity to relocate your headquarters abroad, or to open a branch abroad, or to transfer the production plant abroad.